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Prices in our dental clinics in Poland are at least 60% lower than in private surgeries in the UK. This difference allows our patients to save thousands of pounds on their bills. They can also take advantage of our special dental holiday offer.


Experienced Dentists in Poland

Our skilled, experienced and highly-educated dentists in Poland specialize in all forms of modern dentistry, including veneers, crowns, teeth implants and bridges. This ensures that we are able to treat most of dental problems that our patients might suffer from.

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Krakow is just a 2-hour flight away and direct flights are available from most of UK's airports.

Dental treatments in Poland

In our modern dental clinics we perform nearly all dental treatments from fillings to complicated teeth implant surgeries.

Enjoy Krakow

We offer 3-day dental holiday packages and treatments can be started straight after your consultation!

Overall I was and am extremely happy with the experience and procedure. I know it took a little longer than expected but the way the clinic handled the delays was good. They really did show a lot of care for my health and for me being happy with the final product.

Thanks again for helping and look forward to hopefully sending some more customers your way.

- Colin Shields - one of the greatest UK's Ice Hockey players who also has done his teeth with us (read more on him on wikipedia)

I was quoted over £20,000 for dental implants in the UK compared to the £5200 i ended up paying with yourselves in Krakow. The price was outstanding and the first thing that attracted me to your clinic in the beginning. Could not believe the saving that was quoted to me, and had to investigate further and pay a visit to the clinic. Was not disappointed. Would like to thank you all once again for my experiance which is life changing for me and will always remember it feeling happy and healthy like me.

- Kevin Baker, London

All my work was £3,100.00. I had porcelain crowns and 2 bridges and my teeth look fantastic.The price was great but the dentists are wonderful, caring and dedicated. The whole of the staff were friendly and kind. We couldn't fault the dental practice.

- Elizabeth Jones, Liverpool

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Our British patients save on average* £1200 on each tooth implant, £400 on porcelain veneers, and £450 on crowns done in our clinics in Poland.

* In comparison to the UK's dental practices.


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